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SWRI Wigtownshire Federation

Wigtownshire Federation SWRI - do come and join us!
Have YOU a spare evening every month when you could meet up with friends and neighbours and enjoy, as well as a chat and a cuppa, interesting talks, demonstrations, (sometimes it's even hands on - so you can try it yourself), outings to places of interest, even the occasional party?

There are 21 different ones all over Wigtownshire from Mull to Kirkcolm, Portpatrick to Wigtown, Isle of Whithorn to Challoch (who meet in Newton Stewart!) - so there must be one near you. Every Rural is different, it's run by its own members and you will be made very welcome at any of them. You might like to visit one or two before deciding which to join. It usually costs about 1 to be a guest for an evening - and membership is very reasonable too. As a member you are welcome at not only all your own Rural's meetings, parties and outings but also at all the Federation (county) events (like those mentioned below). You'll hear all about them at monthly meetings - or ask the President or Secretary if there are any that you are particularly interested in. They are organised for all members both old and new so please come and join in!

Do you enjoy golf? We have a Federation competition in July. Is bowling your game? Our Outdoor competition is in June and Indoor at Newton Stewart in the spring. Maybe you are a curler? We have a competition at Stranraer Ice Rink early in the year. Maybe you enjoy walking we have pleasant walks often through local gardens – and sometimes we are lucky enough to meet the gardener and get lots of interesting information.

Would you like to learn a new craft? Maybe one of the many different types of embroidery, papercraft, glass painting, patchwork and many others? We have classes every year and can find tutors for almost any subject!

Do you find public speaking a challenge? We have competitions such as Matter of Opinion and Variations on a Theme. We have also had “pub style– quizzes which proved a lot of fun.

Are you interested in improving your skills by taking tests in crafts or cookery? Our judges give very constructive criticism. We have housewives and handcrafts tests regularly with pre-test schools, open to any members interested.

Have you ever thought of giving others the opportunity of seeing the beautiful work or delicious baking and preserves you may already produce? Any member can enter our Federation Show held every other autumn. Even if you don't enter, do come along!

Do you enjoy going out and about with your friends - or maybe you can't always find company? We have outings each year to places like the Harrogate Flower Show, Carlisle, the Glasgow Science Centre and other interesting venues. You'd be very welcome to come along too.


Wigtownshire Federation SWRI - do come and join us!

YOU are not sure if you qualify to access this interesting world?

  • we have members as young as thirteen and some equally as active at ninety plus
  • we have ladies who work as nurses, teachers, in banks and offices, farmers' wives, retired ladies, etc.
  • some members have been going to their Rural for 30, 40 or 50 years and others have only just joined
  • some have lived in the area all their lives and others have just moved in (they find it's a great way to meet folks!)


YOU are not sure about the commitment?
* YOU might only want to pop along to meetings that interest you,
* YOU may be especially interested in learning new crafts,
* YOU might really want to play in the sporting competitions
* YOU perhaps enjoy the friendly competition at shows and at Institute competitions
* YOU may want the challenge of being more involved. Many members never realised their hidden talents before they became Rural members!
* YOU may particularly enjoy the social meetings, outings and parties, visiting other Rurals and meeting members from all over! Rural ladies are a happy bunch who enjoy lots of fun and laughter together.

If YOU fit into ONE of the above categories then YOU should become a member!

How do YOU find out where and when there are meetings?
* Look out for posters in shop windows
* Ask in the local shop or post office or ask a friend or neighbour. (If she's not a member, bring her along too!)


Most meetings start at 7.30pm – and even if you are only on holiday in our area. Do come along although many rurals close for a month or two in the summer.

Name of RuralMeeting PlaceUsual meeting day
CairnryanInch Church Hall, DG9 8RU Third Thursday
ChallochSt Ninians Hall, Newton StewartFirst Monday
GlassertonCommunity Centre, Whithorn DG8 8PN Second Tuesday
GlenluceGlenluce Bowling ClubThird Tuesday
Glen of LuceGlen of Luce Community Hall Second Tuesday
Isle of WhithornSt Ninians Hall, Isle of Whithorn DG8 8DH
see info at
First Monday
KirkcolmKirkcolm Village Hall DG9 0NN First Monday
KirkcownSt Cowans Hall, Kirkcowan DG8 0HHSecond Tuesday
LochansLochans Village HallThird Tuesday
LoudonWigtown Bowling ClubSecond Monday
MeoulLochans Village HallSecond Tuesday
MullDrummore Church HallSecond Tuesday
Port LoganPort Logan Hall DG9 9NGFirst Thursday
Portpatrick Portpatrick Church Hall Third Monday
PortwilliamMaxwell Hall, Portwilliam DG8 9SDThird Thursday
SandheadSandhead Church HallThird Monday
SorbieSorbie Village Hall DG8 8EGThird Tuesday
StoneykirkStoneykirk Village Hall DG9 9DQ Second Monday
WhithornNew Town Hall, WhithornThird Monday
WigtownWigtown County Buildings DG8 9JH Fourth Monday

Information can also be found on here.