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The Scottish Women's Rural Institutes Badge

In 1918 The Board of Agriculture for Scotland invited Institutes to submit designs for a badge. The design sent in by Glamis WRI was chosen and approved by National Conference Delegates in 1919. The crowned heart of the badge is from ancient history.

SWRI Badge

In the time of Mary, Queen of Scots, a crowned heart was used as a love token, and Mary herself is said to have worn such a brooch with M inset. In earlier days the witch heart or Luckenbooth brooch was worn to keep away witches. The crown usually has five jewels, but the SWRI initials are cleverly set above the badge and the motto For Home and Country inset. The badge, therefore, represents love and friendship of power for good. The white heart stands for purity surmounted by the crown of womanhood in gold denoting courage and steadfastness. The motto indicates loyalty to the maintenance and the highest standards.

SWRI badges can be bought from SWRI Headquarters.